SASHITA - Developing Rural Communities

Posted by Maggie Mazoleka on

As a way of giving back to less fortunate communities, a percentage of the MaRobert's profits are donated to SASHITA, a charity founded in 2008 by our CEO Maggia Mazoleka.

Maggie was born and raised in Tanzania so wanted to be able to give something back to her community through her business. As such, SASHITA is committed to addressing issues of poverty and the need for development in rural areas, particularly that of Samuye which is a district of Shinyanga. 

 SASHITA's main priorities include:

  • Improved water and sanitation
  • Support for micro-businesses 
  • Fundraising events 
  • Promoting gender equality
  • Support and encouragement for children's education

  • With these values in mind, SASHITA aims to help alleviate poverty and improve the standard of living in Samuye. SASHITA are particularly dedicated to empowering women and young people by providing them with training, assisting them in learning a range of new skills, and raising awareness of their rights within the community. This focus takes account of the fact that both women and young people are typically vulnerable and disadvantaged in the rural areas of Tanzania - often having less say in their community. SASHITA wants to change this. 

    If you would like to find out more about SASHITA, get involved with their projects, or make a donation, please visit our website by clicking the picture below:





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