"The flavours are fresh and light and work extremely well in hot and on cold food.  This sauce compliments all sorts of nibbles when you have friends over and as an experimental fusion cooker at home I have found these sauces to work extremely well with Thai flavours not to mention traditional Scottish fare." - Susie Lamont


"My family are all huge fans of MaRoberts range of sauces. My personal favourite is the spicy pili pili sauce which I use for both marinades and as a dipping sauce. I'd recommend them to anyone."- Bri Frazor


"As a native of Scotland I never get back to my old home as much as I’d like but when I do I always pick up some Hot Pili Pili sauce from MaRobert’s to take back to my new home in Australia. Tried and tested I can even confirm that Australian customs allow the product. Must be the fresh ingredients!"        - Ian Paterson


"MaRobert's Sauce is now a staple in our kitchen cupboard. My own personal favourites are the fruity and mild sauces but my husband loves the kick he gets from the hot chilli sauce. I love the versatility of the sauces which go well with meat and fish and vegetarian recipes. I also love using it as a dip with carrot sticks, cheese and crisps." - Lesley Lynch



“It has been a joy to work with MaRobert’s founder Maggie Mazoleka. She has passion and enthusiasm that is apparent when she introduces her sauces to new customers. It is important for us to have a strong working relationship with our suppliers like we do with MaRobert’s and a product that is unique and versatile as their Tanzanian sauces.”
- Luisa Margiotta, Margiotta Ltd. Systems & Marketing Manager


A couple of our Entrepreneurial Spark colleagues on MaRobert's:

Karen Finlayson 'Colour Elements' at ESpark giving a testimonial for MaRobert's Sauce

David Hastie 'Nutrifiz' at ESpark giving a testimonial for MaRobert's Sauce